Essays Expanding Ads

1. There is no essay for our first ad, “Aspen, We Have A Problem”, 15 December 2022, as it simply introduces us.

2. Have A Safe Flight Essay, 22 December 2022

3. Runway Robbery? Big Decisions on Private Aviation, 29 December 2022

4. The Airlines’ Planes Aren’t Vanishing, 5 January 2023

5. Flight Without Fossil Fuel, 12 January 2023

Lovins technical brief on aviation innovation

Fossil-Free Flight (May 2024 Stanford lecture)

6. There is no essay for our ad, “Informing Community Discussion of Our Airport’s Future”, 26 January 2023, as it reviews the previous four Essays.

7. Aspen Aviation and Climate Change, 9 February 2023

8. There is no essay for our ad, “Aspen Fly Right Hosts Public Meeting to Present New Findings”, 2 March 2023, as it is a public invitation.

9. Aircraft Noise and the Aspen Community, 9 March 2023

10. New Findings on Aspen Airport Air Pollution and Public Health, 16 March 2023

11. There is no essay for our ad, “Taking Back Public Control of Aspen Airport’s Private-Plane Terminal”, 30 March 2023

12. Using Smart Regulation and Siting to Cut Airport Impacts, 13 April 2023

13. There is no essay for our ad, “Who Is Asking for Bigger Planes?”, 20 April 2023

14. Fact-checking Airport claims: over half are false, 4 May 2023

15. Crucial aviation forecast fudges facts, ignores Aspen conditions, scraps local choice, 17 May 2023

16. There is no essay for “Does Aspen Need Bigger Airplanes?”, 23 June 2023, as it is a public announcement.

Lovins 27 June 2023 presentation assessing Airport Forecast for Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners

17. How to finance the airport we need—without FAA grants, 21 March 2024

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