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In Essay #2, endnote 36, line 1, for “2002” read “2022”. Thanks to Barry Vaughan.

Essay #2 was accidentally posted in the incompletely corrected draft “ABL-essay_2.Safety_21-Dec-2022r”. As soon as we realized this, on 25 Jan 2023, it was replaced with the corrected final draft ABL essay_2lSafety_22 Dec 2022r.pdf. We apologize for any confusion.

In Essay #3, “Runway robbery?,” posted 29 December 2022, two errors have been marked and corrected in a reposting on 5 January 2023:

– On p 13, paragraph 2, line 6, for “Denver” read “Centennial” and for “23” read “26”.
– On p 25, add at the end of note 70: “Correction added 5 Jan 2023: That comparison appears to have understated certain local and Federal taxes. Taxes on a typical 100-gallon Jet A purchase at ASE in 2021 totaled 47.3¢/gal, nearly half from the 24.4¢ Federal excise tax ( . The FBO’s County sales tax on fuel appears to total 4.0%.