Our Approach

Based on years of continuing in-depth research, informed by a wide range of parties summarized “Expert sources” section here,  we will publish a weekly series of topical advertisements in The Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times, supported by this public website (www.aspenflyright.org), social media (including moderated comments), public events, and other channels. The website will support each ad (from week 2) with an expanded and documented essay for readers seeking a fuller understanding of each topic. These essays will be rich in technical content, but readable by citizens with little technical background.

When asked, we will cooperate with news media to help spread, test, and refine our findings. We earnestly solicit suggestions for improvement, as well as tips (which we will hold in confidence) on facts or contacts we should explore to deepen our understanding. We are also eager to receive corrections and suggestions for improvement. If feedback exposes any errors in our information, we will promptly correct them. We may provide an occasional forum for divergent views where we feel this would help illuminate complex issues, but we don’t feel obliged to do so, since proponents of current plans enjoy ample resources and channels, leading to public misunderstandings that we hope to correct.

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