Aspen Fly Right is a small, frugal, early-stage nonprofit group. It has seasoned management, one paid campaign consultant, virtual work, no office, and zero paid staff. Its initial finance, sufficient for its startup costs and current educational campaign, has been generously donated by a number of concerned citizens. Further grant and donation funding is in prospect to extend our runway. We hope our value to the community will merit and attract wide public support. Please consider helping to make our work possible by adding your own tax-deductible gift, in whatever amount, and encouraging your friends to visit this site and join in.

By 24 June 2023, listing alphabetically, Aspen Fly Right had received $99,404 of donations, comprising grants from the Aspen Business Center Foundation, the John B. Gilpin Fund, Amory and Judy Lovins, Robert Pew, and an anonymous Colorado foundation, plus generous donations from Anne Austin-Clapper, Janet V. Coursey, James Hughes & Anne D’Andrea, Tom & Ellen Marshall, Tom & Marilyn Melberg, Cary Pew, Steve & Missy Prudden, Doug & Jean Rhinehart, Sandy Stay, Bart Ziegler in honor of Prof. Amory Lovins, and an anonymous donor in memory of her mother. All donors but one are local residents or locally rooted. As far as we know, no donor or officer has a conflict of interest. We deeply appreciate this support and hope to broaden it. If you feel that the efforts of this public charity and its volunteer staff to serve our community are in the public interest, we warmly invite your tax-deductible donation. Thank you!